Go Glow Light

It is rather natural for little kids to feel uncomfortable and scared when lights are off, especially when they are already capable of imagining things. Grownups may not understand this, and would treat children’s fear of darkness as something that is totally irrelevant. It’s true that monsters behind the closet or under the bed are silly imagination and totally unrealistic, but little kids can’t understand this and you absolutely can’t shove off their fears in an instant.

Parents should not ignore child’s fear of darkness; unfortunately, it is a common mistake to believe that this petty sort of fear, triggered by creative mind’s eye of a child will go away   in due course. It is because fear of darkness may not always go away with time, but can actually evolve into one big fat, serious phobia as a child reaches adulthood.

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So don’t scold your little one whenever he feels scared if lights are off, but comfort him by your understanding words and kind, empathizing gestures. Provide a soothing and encouraging night light for your little one, as if telling him that he won’t be waking up in a pitch black room tonight. Alleviate your child’s fear of the dark so he won’t have to sleep with a pang of worry and panic in his heart.

The Go Glow Light is a wonderful pick to light up your tyke’s room during bed time, and to keep him calm, confident and comfortable to sleep alone right through the night. This delightful and pretty night light has a unique and innovative dual function of a night light and a torch. Printed with vibrant designs, functional features and durability, Go Glow light is indeed a perfect must-have for your child’s room.

The bedside night light radiates soft and calming glow that would aid in letting your little one sleep comfortably and peacefully. Go Glow lights also showcase easy, operational features of converting the night light into a torch and vice versa. Your little one’s small and soft hands can do this without difficulty. The set includes a rechargeable battery and low voltage transformer. Lifting off the cone section from the base of the night lamp will instantaneously transform the night lamp into a torch, so your child can easily go up at night or go to the bathroom with accessible, handy light to take hold of. If fully-charged, the nigh light can continuously work for approximately 20 hours and duration of 4 hours when used in torch mode.

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Go Glow lights are well-matched mishmash of functionality and style. Each clever 2-in-1 nightlight and torch mix is printed with colorful, cute themed designs that are very appealing to boys and girls. Let your little one take a pick of his favorite character design among the top most delightful themes, Disney Princess, Peppa Pig, Toy Story, Cars, The Night Garden and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Allay your child’s fear of darkness with this amazing Go Glow light and help bring soothing atmosphere to your child’s room. Your little one will surely look up to you as a hero, and as an understanding, loving parent whom he can freely confide his fears with.

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